Knitting, Our Very Own Yoga

Knitting—once a necessary domestic chore, a sign of sedentary dotage, and an activity for grannies’ busy hands preventing them from too many revolutionary thoughts—is casting off its negative baggage.

Nowadays, knitting has become a do-it-yourself fashion statement, a sort of an urban graffiti and a healthcare tool. Sitting down and weaving a yarn between two wooden sticks not only creates something creative and beautiful, but is one of the most life-enhancing activities around.

For us, knitting is about playing with patterns and colors, something that is highly addictive and satisfying. And just like with everything that experiences a rebirth, there has been an emergence of yarn snobs and to satisfy their needs, high-end yarn producers from all over the world. There is Malabrigo from Uruguay, Hedgehog Fibres from Ireland, The Wool and the Gang in England, Quince and Co., in the USA, and Istex in Iceland.

The new or re-emerged community has come together in this modern social media age with places like the Ravelry and Pinterest where enthusiasts can design and share patterns. There have even been scientific articles published in medical journals discussing the calming, meditative effect and the British government has funded a 3-year study of knitting groups. At the end of the day, knitting just makes you feel good so please knit, create at leisure and all the time.

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